Louvre Saint-Honoré, 4 star hotel near Palais-Royal, an elegant district and an exceptional boutique hotel

The Louvre Saint Honoré is a hotel near the Palais-Royal, this district of Paris 1st where national monuments, exceptional boutiques and magnificent public gardens are concentrated. It is this setting that serves as the backdrop to this 4-star hotel.

Louvre Saint Honoré, a hotel close to the Palais Royal in Paris, an ideal location.

The Louvre Saint-Honoré  is a boutique hotel on the famous Rue Saint Honoré, where charm immediately comes into play. First of all there are the 37 rooms and Suites. They are not all made in the same way, but they all have the same soothing choice of colours, the quality of the fabrics, and this clever mix of decorative objects, all orchestrated by the architect-decorator Alexandre Danan. You are truly in a soothing atmosphere, which invites you to serenity, and which makes you want to finally take some time for yourself in this hotel Rue Saint Honoré, near the famous Palais Royal and Burren Columns . Television with Canal+, air conditioning, wifi, courtesy tray, workspace, nothing is missing to tick off the boxes of a good Parisian hotel, between the Louvre and Rivoli. This 4-star hotel of the Palais Palais Royal Paris 01 is a surprise that will delight you every day.

An hotel near the Palais Royal and the Louvre Museum, a dream address for the Louvre Saint Honoré boutique hotel 

During a stay in Paris, you appreciate to put all the assets on your side for a prestigious stay. The Louvre Saint Honoré, hotel at the Palais Royal, is perfect for this. In addition to its 4 stars, we like its address. At 141, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré , you can see the most prestigious tenant of the same street at 55, a certain President of the Republic. Sleeping just a stone's throw from the Champs Elysées, the Louvre, Rue de Rivoli and everything that makes up the heart of Paris is a real luxury. It is also the happiness to fully enjoy your stay from your 4-star hotel in the Palais Royal de Paris . In addition to the practical aspect, sleeping in the 1st arrondissement means choosing ease, the luxury of an exceptional setting and the charm of beautiful addresses. Between the serenity of the hotel and the beautiful Parisian districts, you already put Paris in your pocket.

Following the Covid19 pandemic, the Louvre Saint Honoré hotel has reinforced all the health rules in force, for your safety and that of the hotel's staff. The Socotec certification assures you of their strictest compliance.

Hotel du Palais Royal in Paris, pampered like a prince

Your hotel near the Palais Royal is a delight of comfort and elegance. Its location in the heart of the capital is obviously perfect. But you should not forget the little extra and discreet touches that are the hotel services. Implemented by your hotel near the Palais Royal, they ensure that you sublimate every moment. The most obvious is of course the lounge bar. Open all the time, people come here at any time for a coffee or a cocktail, for a first drink before going out or a last one before going to bed. With an atmosphere typical of this hotel near the Tuileries in Paris, the elegance that is the signature of the house can be found even in the bar. We also love the attentions of the concierge team. The hotel's staff is there to make your life easier. This concierge service can also be found with the online concierge, which allows you to book shows, exhibitions and tourist sites at special rates. By staying at the Hotel Louvre Saint-Honoré you are sure to enjoy your stay just a stone's throw from the banks of the Seine in the best possible way.

Hotel du Palais Royal and Louvre Museum, a spa is well hidden

You did not see it during your stay at the Hotel Louvre Saint-Honoré but there is indeed a spa. It is located 450 meters from the hotel in the magnificent Maison Albar Hotels Le Pont-Neuf. There is a spa, one of the most beautiful in the 1st district, the Spa Pont-Neuf by Cinq Mondes. In addition to the prestige of the products used, you will love the style of the place, with the heated indoor pool, the hammam, the sensory shower, the whirlpool and of course the treatment rooms. You will live an exceptional moment in this spa linked to this hotel of the Royal Palace. You will return in 6 minutes of walking, completely rested, relaxed, regenerated. And the comfort of the room, as well as the common areas, will allow you to prolong this experience of well-being.

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