Hotel Louvre Saint-Honoré, a hotel for Fashion Week Paris

Twice a year the capital lives to the rhythm of fashion and fashion shows. Paris Fashion Week has long been an unmissable event for which people come from all over the world to attend. But to make a success of your stay at Paris Fashion Week, you need to find a beautiful hotel in a good location, and this rare pearl is the Hotel Louvre Saint-Honoré.

An ideal hotel for Fashion Week

The Hotel Louvre Saint-Honoré, between rue de Rivoli and Palais-Royal, is obviously an ideal hotel for Fashion Week. But it is above all a magnificent 4-star hotel on the Right Bank. This former private mansion has become a cocoon with soft colours, contemporary design and omnipresent comfort. Of course, it is about the bedding, but also about the facilities such as the TV with C+, the wifi, the air-conditioning, the beautiful bathroom, the courtesy tray with a Nespresso and many other points. In addition to the comfort and style of the room or suite , there is also a bar that is always open, and a concierge service designed to make your life easier, such as receiving your clothes or deliveries, reserving a table for you, and other services that are appreciated in the whirlwind of Fashion Week. The Hotel Louvre Saint-Honoré is an ideal establishment for Paris Fashion Week, and for the rest of the year and events.

The Hotel Louvre Saint-Honoré, the perfect hotel for Paris Fashion Week

When you have crazy days, full of fashion shows, meetings with professionals, journalists and other showrooms, having a hotel in the 1st arrondissement is perfect. You also need a comfortable and luxurious establishment that makes you forget the fatigue of the day, that offers the comfort of a restful night. It also needs to offer services that will make your life easier during those few hectic days. A partner spa, a massage, concierge services, room service, will be precious assets. In this respect, there is nothing to fear from this ideal hotel for Fashion Week. You also need a location that does not make you lose time. Located at 121 Rue Saint Honoré, between Chatelet Les Halles, the Louvre and the banks of the Seine, you can't be better placed, as the fashion shows are taking place in the very centre of Paris. No public transport, no car journey, Paris Fashion Week is right at your door.

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